Gym gloves protection: Read our 5 Tips on buying nice gloves

Looking for a pair of gym gloves? Not sure what to look for before you buy them. In this special blog on “how to choose gym gloves,” we will discuss how you can find a robust pair for you which gives protection to your hand and also have good reviews and meet customer satisfaction. Let’s begin.

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Read our 5 Tips on buying nice gym gloves. Let’s begin.

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1. Gym gloves must be comfortable inside, tough outside

You will never want gloves to be hard and itchy inside. And they should have the stitching inside, clothing, or material which must be comfortable. The inner material may be made of polyester – these are generally lightweight, cool, waterproof material, Spandex- these are soft, breathable, expandable, stretchable, water repellent. Apart from these, you can also look for polyurethane gloves which are offer superior grip and breathability.

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2. Gym gloves- Look for brand name and price

“Mahanga roye ek baar sasta roye bar bar” is a proverb in local Hindi which means the price of the product helps you determine the quality most of the times so it is better to invest once not time and again. Choose a better quality even if it’s a little costlier than similar looking products because that’s the way you would be able to find good quality products. Going just 10 % above the lowest price can bring you in good hands.

3. See the reviews from others

Knowing a bit more from your friends and others can give you an idea of what could be your next order. You may ask for a photo or name of the brand and price.

4. Perfect fitted gym gloves

tips to buy gym gloves online

Size and fit matters a lot for everything and so true for Gym gloves. This may be tricky to know the right size. Generally, these are available as Numbers of inches starting from 6.5 being the smallest and increases as the number goes up to 12. For a normal weight adult, a glove of size 10.5 could be the right one. But remember that gloves should have stripes to tighten them as required. Size 7-8.5 is “Small”, medium is 9 – 9.5, and 10- 10.5 is “Large” and “XL” is 11 and 12.


5. The last tip is to buy gym gloves from a well-known store or online platform.

I have personally used the products from Amazon and I like them because of their customer service, reliability on-time delivery, order tracking, and most important Return and refund policies. It is easy and handy to buy anytime without the hassle of going out.

Overall, the benefits you will get by choosing the right gloves are:

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  • Wonderful protection form rough hands and wrist support
  • Extra protection to joints during weight liftings like chest press, dumbbells, and weights exercises
  • Cushioning your hands from falls, jerks and unexpected scratches from weights
  • Palm calluses and blisters will never appear

Great! So now you know what to do how to do and where to do. We will love to hear from you as you buy a new pair.


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