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We at SALUBRIFY, an Indian start-up company are very excited to launch the Puberty Power Program for young Indian teenage girls. This will ensure that girls entering puberty get all the information and support they need to help them through it.

Salubrify’s Puberty Power Program (PPP) is a unique program in India.

The Salubrify has been recognized as the most comprehensive online program provider for feminine health, beauty and fitness that will help you empower your daughter with a healthy life. You can easily manage every aspect of your daughter’s puberty, from skin care to health and fitness in a holistic way. Our specially trained doctors will give you expert advice on all health related issues.


What We Do

Girls face challenges during adolescence without guidance from their mothers, and this leads to unsociable behaviour, choosing wrong companions, or worse, bad choices in life.

Salubrify is a platform that provides tips and tricks for empowering your teenager daughters. This program is specially designed for Girls to help them grow in a healthy manner.

We offer information on puberty, nutrition, fitness, and beauty.

Girl at Puberty Start
Health Counsellor

Our Health Counsellor

Our Health Counsellor will answer all your questions about the your daughter's body growth, changes in mood and behaviour, her personal hygiene, diet, fitness and much mores.

Care for her

We are launching our largest India program by April. Are you interested in helping girls grow up into healthier more confident adults? Visit us for more details 👇
From puberty to entire life
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Nutrition consultation
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