Common Teen Health Issues- An Insight

Teenagers these days are exposed to teen health problems more than ever before. The most common teen health issues arise from online bullying, school shootings, and peer pressure. Teenagers these days have higher stress levels, which results in a startling increase in the number of suicide rates.

Teen health issues

Parents and guardians have an important role to play in the lives of children these days. Hours and hours of difficult conversations with the growing children to make a better, healthier, and smart life choice are crucial. It’s important to know about the common teen health problems if you are one of those parents having a teenager at home.  

List of Common Teen Health Issues

Untimely Pregnancy and Childbirth

Research studies suggest that girls’ death between 15-19 years globally is because of early pregnancy and childbirth. Approximately 11% of the births worldwide are from girls falling in this age bracket, especially those coming from low to middle-income families.


However, the solution lies in better knowledge and education about contraceptives and safe sex to avoid getting pregnant at an early age. The girls who do conceive need safe and secure access to quality prenatal care. Also, if the girls wish to do so, the laws must permit a safe abortion and pregnancy termination. 


The World Health Organization statistics say that nearly two million adolescents around the world are living with Aids. The number of cases is on the rise even though there is a downfall in the number of HIV-related deaths among teenagers.

common teen health issues

This increase in the number of cases reflects that even though children survive through their teens from this disease, they are deprived of the care and nutrition, which are essential to staying in good health. This clearly states that they are deprived of the essential support to avoid transmission. 

Drugs and Alcohol

In the majority of countries, the chief concern among teen health problems is harmful drinking. The teenagers face a risk of increased violent behavioral patterns and loss of self-control. Drugs and alcohol intake can also increase the chances of injuries caused by road accidents and premature death. Uncontrolled intake can also result in health complications and affect the life expectancy of adolescents.

Are there Other Common Teen Health Issues?

Apart from the above-mentioned teen health problems; there are numerous other issues that the parents and caregivers need to know. These include:

Psychological Problems

Depression is the most common mental health issue that teenagers today are experiencing. This is counted to be the cause of many adolescents and teenagers to commit suicide. The primary causes of depression are humiliation at school or within the family, the feeling of being devalued, or any violence.

Teen mental health issues

The solution to one of these common teen health issues is quite simple. Developing life skills among kids and offering them necessary emotional support at school can promote good mental health.

There should be programs where the ties between families and teens are strengthened.

In case the family members feel there’s some problem in the behavioral patterns of the teen, a competent professional should be contacted. 

Obesity and Malnutrition

A common scenario is that most boys and girls enter puberty malnourished, thus making them vulnerable to diseases and early death. Another common problem is overweight or obesity in the teens that result in numerous other health implications.

Lack of Exercise and Nutrition

Another common health problem among teens is the lack of exercise. As per the survey conducted, only one in four teenagers meet the daily recommended physical activity guidelines.

Healthy food habits should be improved to improve nutrition in teens.

Teen nutrition and obesity

Lack of proper nutrition further results in anemia that is caused because of the loss of iron. It is also considered to be the third major reason for death. Timely medical consultation will help them meet the parameters with iron and folic supplements that promote health.


The last problem among the most common and extreme teen health problems is suicide. The contributing factors for this include depression, family issues, loneliness, and substance abuse. The issues can be persistent or a result of short-lived but traumatic issues. 

The teenagers those are dealt with patiently successfully come out of the suicidal thoughts before they take the extreme step.


Regardless of the intensity of the problems, there’s always a ray of hope that these common teen health issues can be dealt with successfully.

To take care of your family and friends who might have teenage issues need immediate treatment either by healthcare professionals, psychologists, or family support.

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