Delicious meal plan for pregnant women

If you are concerned about what to eat and what not to eat while pregnant, you must grow through it. Pregnancy is a delightful life phase that switches eating, napping, and assessing patterns to an unusual level. “The entire trend rewrites unexpectedly.” A delicious meal plan for a pregnant woman should be considered seriously for a healthy pregnancy.

The eating habits of a would-be mom shift so vastly that at a time, you crave certain food so considerably, and the same brings a nauseated feeling at another moment.

Delicious meal plan for pregnant woman

Pregnant Women Meal Plan

In this blessed period, the fetus growing in your belly takes its nutrients from you. Hence taking the right meal at the right time is so essential for you and the developing one. Still, it doesn’t suggest that you will have to consume the food required for two people even conceived by the twins or triplets.


How much calories needed from meal for a pregnant woman?

Delicious meal plan for pregnant woman should offer:

  • About 1800 calories a day in the first 3 months (first trimester) for normally-weight pregnant women.
  • About 2,200 calories in a day during the next 3months (second trimester).
  • Followed by about 2,400 calories in a day during the third trimester.

Keep cooking safe and Clean

Now when coming to the main point about maintaining the healthy dietary schedules for going to be a mom, it comprises:

  • Safe and hygienic preparation of food
  • Clean and wash fruit, vegetables, and salads to remove all traces of soil
  • Wash all surfaces, hands, utensils before cooking, and consuming
  • Cook food properly
  • Store raw and ready to eat food separately

Meal plan for pregnant women must include

For a balanced diet, you will have to absorb food from all the five food groups, including

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats,
  • Vitamins and
  • Minerals.
  • Instead of consuming full meals three times a day, you must switch yourself to a small proportion of six meals a day.
  • Take plenty of fluids ( 6 to 8 glasses) a day to remove toxins from your body and develop your baby’s enamel as water contains fluoride in it.
  • Never skip breakfast though you feel nauseated during the first trimester, better to munch dry snacks, which will reduce your vomiting sensation in the morning.
  • Avoid more salt, tea, coffee, and any other beverages and stimulants as much as you can.

Make interesting meal plan for pregnant woman

For making it more interesting, you can correlate your food type with the size of your yet unborn baby, and it is recommended so. As the babies don’t dwell one size long, expectant mommies may nickname their little one and consume the same food to reference their baby’s size.

First month: The fetus, as the tiny poppy grain, will rise to be about the volume of an “apple seed”; therefore, the mother should bite on more and more Apples.

The second month: In week five, the embryo will be around the extent of a “lentil,”; a “raspberry” in the seventh week, and by the verge of the month, the volume of a “kidney bean.” This accelerated development is the spur of gained hunger, disgust, or weariness. Hence you will have to indulge yourself in a considerable amount of lentils and kidney beans.

Third Month: The fetus will be the magnitude of “lime” and be nearly as tall as a “pea pod.” For this month, lemon and peas to be included in the diet.

Fourth Month: The Baby’s now about as large as an “avocado.” This time you should search for avocados.


Fifth Month: At this stage, the fetus is about the size of a “banana.” Good, ripen bananas must be included in your food.

Sixth Month: This is when your unborn is about the size of a “mango” hence mango shakes must cheer this period.

Seventh Month: Your little one is the size of an “eggplant.” Digesting eggplant is the right time now.

Eight-Month. The baby retains the size of a “pineapple.” Be ready to enjoy delicious pineapple drinks.

Ninth Month: At this point, babies’ usual size is about the magnitude of a “watermelon.” Fresh juicy watermelon must be worn down.

Plan recipes for a healthy pregnancy

Before welcoming your baby, now be ready to know about some healthy snacks to be munched between meals during gestation if not allergic, .you should go and grab it.

  • Seasonal fresh fruits and juices
  • Bean Sprouts and porridge of broken wheat
  • Carrot and cucumber sticks
  • Recipes made up of corns and pulses
  • Mixed nuts
  • Curd and dairy products
  • Rice flakes recipes
  • Vegetable soups and salads

Read this Book for Pregnancy Food Guidelines

Several available books can be referred for various food charts and other delicious recipes related to healthy food eaten by expectant mommies. Pregnant women meal plan.



The diet which nourishes both mother and her baby at the same time may be less in quantity but must rank high in quality and plan. We would love to hear your experience in pregnancy diet planning. You can reach the author by commenting in the box. We will get back to you with any help. Have a Happy Pregnancy!


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