Easy and Quick Remedies for Your Menstruation and Pregnancy Problems

Having menstruation and pregnancy problems can be a total nuisance! 

It might be surprising for you to know that your menstruation period is a window to your fertility. It helps you track the cycles, recognize the peak of your fertility, and provides signs of getting pregnant.

Menstruation and Pregnancy Problems
Menstruation and Pregnancy Problems

Factors contributing to a healthy pregnancy are the length of the menstrual cycle, blood flow, and regularity of cycles. But certain factors affect your normal menstruation, including hormonal imbalance, stress, underlying medical condition. In such cases, your menstrual cycle gets twisted!


Research has found that changes in the menstrual cycle are associated more strongly with infertility. So, getting your problems cleared should be every woman’s priority.

Here, we have highlighted several common menstruation and pregnancy problems. We also have some easy and quick natural remedies to fight them.

Missed/Irregular Periods

Regular monthly periods occur every 24 to 38 days. By any means, if this time changes or your periods arrive earlier or later, they are considered irregular. Period irregularities can occur due to hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hypothyroidism.  

But an irregular cycle can affect your fertility in two ways: firstly, you may miss the key ovulation dates, and secondly, consistent irregular periods often indicate an underlying problem that can affect your fertility. 

Menstruation cramps are pain in the lower belly during periods. Medically this condition is called dysmenorrhea. More than half of women experience some pain for the first few days of their periods. Usually, the pain is mild. But for some women, the pain is so severe that it hampers their normal activities.

Easy and Quick Remedies: Missed/ Irregular periods

  • Practice Yoga: It can help with more than improving your cycle, including emotional health.
  • Regular exercise: It can help regularise your cycle. Experts also recommend exercising for women dealing with PCOS.
  • Cinnamon: It helps to regulate uterine blood flow and treat irregular periods. You can have cinnamon powder with milk.
  • Raw Papaya: It helps improve uterine contractions and induce periods. Have papaya juice regularly, but avoid it during periods.
  • Learn more on how Vitamin C can help in period cramps.
Yoga for Irregular Periods
Yoga for Irregular Periods

Abnormal Blood Flow

Abnormally light or heavy periods can sometimes indicate issues that need help before the occurrence of conception. One of the biggest underlying medical issues that cause a light period is polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. And, it is one of the leading causes of infertility in women today. 

Most of the underlying problems causing heavy periods can surprisingly lead to infertility or sustain a healthy pregnancy. These problems include endometriosis, uterine fibroids or polyps, hormone imbalance, or pelvic inflammatory disease.


Easy and Quick Remedies: Abnormal Blood Flow

  • Drink enough water: Four to six cups of daily water intake can maintain your blood volume.
  • Add Iron To Your Diet: Heavy periods can deplete iron stores from your body. Add foods like meat, spinach, tofu, and beans to maintain your iron levels. 
  • Vitamin C: It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and maintain blood flow. You can add citrus fruits, sprouts, tomatoes, kiwis, and Brussels to your diet.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Menstrual Cycle Length

Typically, a menstrual cycle length is 28 days. But not every woman experiences a picture-perfect cycle! Hormonal imbalances and other underlying medical conditions affect the cycle length, and eventually, ovulation gets impacted.  

Long cycles can mean you are not ovulating regularly, while short cycles can be due to a defect of the luteal phase (latter phase of the menstrual cycle). Overall, an abnormal cycle length is a major menstruation and pregnancy problem that needs to be addressed.

Learn more about Puberty stages in Girls here.

Easy and Quick Remedies: Menstrual cycle days

ETurmeric: It has effects similar to the estrogen hormone that help regulate your menstrual cycle. Try sipping turmeric milk for good results.

  • Mustard seed powder: It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that aid in regulating estrogen levels, keeping hormonal imbalance in check, and normalizing menstrual cycle length. Take it with milk or water.
  • Flaxseed tea: It helps to regulate menstrual cycle length by balancing the hormone levels.
Turmeric regulates menstrual cycle.
Turmeric regulates menstrual cycle.

Period Cramps

Prostaglandin triggers the uterine muscles to contract during periods. As a result of these contractions, you get period cramps. As the prostaglandin levels drop at the end of the cycle, the cramps subside. Some women experience highly painful cramps.

Easy and Quick Remedies: Period cramps

  • Use a hot compress: The uterus is a muscular organ, and heat can help relax the muscles. You may use a hot water bottle or heating pad. 
  • Massage with essential oils: A good massage with essential oils can provide relief from period cramps. Try lavender, marjoram, and clary sage. 
  • Herbal teas: Peppermint and chamomile teas are frequently recommended for menstrual pain. Sip it for some relief!


There are several medications to help solve menstruation and pregnancy problems. But giving a natural approach to its management is also worth trying! Besides, track your menstrual cycles and the symptoms that accompany them. Anything beyond the usual indicators will need professional help for a better health insight.

For the best expert advice on menstruation and pregnancy problems, you may book your free consultation with us!


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