How to Select a Pregnancy Pillow – A Complete Guide

When we talk about pregnancy, one of the most essential yet an elusive aspect is sleep. A pregnant woman’s body keeps on changing and growing. With additional washroom trips, increased anxiousness, and constant distress at night, sleep disruption is but natural. In case you’re the distressed protagonist of this story, the pregnancy pillow can be your knight in shining armor. These pillows are designed with expecting mothers in mind.


Complete rest with best pregnancy pillow
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The reason behind the ingenious discovery is to help and support the growing belly of women to get a good night’s sleep each night. But just like any other product, these pregnancy pillows too would not work the same for all. Here comes the good news is that there are numerous pregnancy pillow designs to opt from and discover the best fit for your baby bump.

Here’s a comprehensive guide regarding all the things related to pregnancy pillows that would help you find your perfect pillow partner.


1. Size of the Pillow

The best part is that these pregnancy pillows in an array of sizes. Mentioned are a few questions that you will decide regarding the size that’s best for you.

  • Where would you be sleeping?
  • What’s the size of your pillow?
  • Does anyone else sleep with you?
  • Whether you would be traveling with your pillow?

Pregnancy pillow of various shapes
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2. The Shape of the Pillow

There are numerous pregnancy pillows in the market these days to comfort women’s growing baby bump and help them take a peaceful nap. A few are designed to be used for some problem areas. While there are few for the overall use. There are wedge pillows that give your back comfort while sleeping by elevating it or by placing it under the bump for a comfortable sleep.

3. Filling in the Pregnancy Pillow


Just like the regular pillows, shopping for pregnancy pillows is the same. You need to take care of the filling since these are available in many options, including:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Inflated
  • Micro-beads
Pregnancy pillow

4. The Fabric of the Pillow

Few pregnancy pillows come with removable covers while others come with non-removable. The fabrics that are most commonly used include cotton, organic, polyester knit, and velour. In case you are looking for a cloth material that’s machine washed, make sure you look into the cleaning instructions.

5. Price Tag

Since a pregnancy pillow gives the utmost comfort to an expecting mother, it’s quite natural that the price range would vary from medium to higher side. The most expensive in the category is a full-body pillow. However, one thing’s for sure, the money spent on the product would be worth it.


Another significant aspect while shopping for a pregnancy pillow is seeing which trimester you’re in and the preferred position you sleep in.

Bid farewell to the tiresome nights and have a good night’s sleep during the last trimester with pregnancy pillows!

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Categories of Pregnancy Pillows


These are the most preferred pillows by pregnant women since they wrap around the entire body. These pregnancy pillows are available in either U-shaped or C-shape and support both the neck and back.


This shaped pillow is compact. The purpose is to offer support to particular pain areas of the body that call for added attention. You can place it between your legs while sleeping or behind your lower back while sitting and travel-friendly.


Best pregnancy pillow

This is another popular category since it can be used both during and after pregnancy. The pregnancy pillow is available in both round and triangular shapes. These pillows can be used to support the belly for sleeping or for elevating the back.

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