How to use Pregnancy Test Kit-Result Matters

Conceiving a child is the most significant life-changing event in a woman’s life. When you start envisioning your child in your belly to the little kicks from the second trimester. And finally holding and cradling your little one’s hand are the thoughts that would make any woman’s biological clock ticking. In case you’ve planned on to start a family and are thinking of ways to determine whether or not you’re pregnant, the pregnancy test kit is the best at-home mode to do so. 

Pregnancy test kit showing result as Pregnant

There might be chances that you would have stopped using the birth control pills, and your periods might have ended. So the best way to confirm your pregnancy is a pregnancy test kit. However, what’s important is that you should know how to use them for accurate results. Especially if you’re a first time user, knowing how to use a pregnancy test kit is a MUST to know the precise result. 

Let’s learn how to use the pregnancy test kit. After all, the result matters.

The most critical step that determines accurate results each time is to take the test first thing in the morning. The reason is that the urine is the most concentrated this time and would carry a high amount of hCG as compared to the pee at other times of the day.


Step 1:

To begin with, wash your hands with water and soap with and take out the pregnancy test kit from the packet.

Step 2:


Depending on your convenience, you can use either pee in a cup or some kits require you to pee on the test stick directly. There are test kits that offer you both options. 

If you have a stick that requires you to pee on it:

  1. You need to remember that it’s essential to collect a midstream sample for accuracy. Having said this, you need to pee a bit initially and then use the rest for testing. 
  2. Place the side of the absorbent tip underneath your urine stream for a few seconds (the time mentioned in the literature) and face up the result window. 

If you’re opting for dropper test kit option:

pregnancy test kit
Source: i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit (
  1. Collect your urine in a clean cup. Collect a few drops of urine from the dropper and drop at least 3 (three) urine drops in the testing well and wait for the result.
  2. Place the stick on a dry surface with the result window facing up. The amount of time required for you to wait for the result will be mentioned in the leaflet. Usually, it would vary anywhere from a minute to five minutes. Few test kits would ask you to wait for at least 10 minutes for accurate results.
pregnancy test kit
Source: i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit result (

Step 3: Know the Test kit result

After you either peed on the window or dropped a few drops, the window would get darker as the urine passes through. If the window displays a line, it is a valid test. In case no such line appears, please repeat the test as it is not done correctly.

Once the mentioned time-frame has passed, you can see the results. Remember, different pregnancy test kits display different results. For instance:

pregnancy test kit
  • A line that’s pink or blue
  • Signs like positive(+) or negative(-)
  • Wordings like pregnant or non-pregnant

In most of the tests, 2 (two) lines are considered positive. However, in case the sign, lines, or wordings on the window screen are a bit faint, you can still think a pregnancy test to be positive. The negative result appears when the test can not detect hCG, a single line would be displayed. Hence even the faintest lines would indicate your test stick picked up hCG in your pee.

In case your test comes positive, it’s still important you book an appointment with your Gynac. It would be your doctor who could confirm the result.

There’s nothing more beautiful than experiencing the happiness of becoming a mother, and the first step towards joy now begins with the pregnancy test kit at home. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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