Mixing formula with breast milk: Know the precautions and procedure

mixing formula with breast milk

While there’s nothing wrong if you are mixing formula with breast milk, however, it is not generally practiced due to personal reasons. When a mother has ample breast milk for baby, it may not be the right option. The baby should consume as much as milk; it is suitable for him/ her.

When you want to mix it with baby formula; it is not a good idea to keep it for a long time. Better is to mix it and feed the baby immediately and discarding the excess quantity.

Breastmilk gives total nourishment to developing infants; however, some of the time, it may be important to enhance breastmilk with baby formula. Whether you need to decrease your child off of breastfeeding or make a supply of breastmilk last more, mixing formula and breastmilk might be a decent way.


How to do mixing formula with breast milk

Take the feeding bottle for your infant, add an equivalent measure of breastmilk, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Wash and dry your hands before setting up the jug. To lessen the odds of getting microscopic organisms onto the areola or in the milk, consistently wash and dry your hands before you begin setting up a container for your infant.

Use cleanser and running water to wash your hands. Rub the cleanser over all surfaces of your hands and fingers for 20 seconds. At that point, flush your hands entirely and get them dry with a perfect towel.

Pour about 60 mL of drinking water into a clear bottle. You can take any water that is ok for your infant to drink, for example, tap water, filtered water, cleaned water, or bubbled and cooled water. If not sure check with your child’s doctor. Take as much as water your infant can drink and to mix with breastmilk.

Include 1 scoop of powdered formula for every 60 ml of water. Use the scoop that accompanied your baby formula container. Fill the scoop with powdered formula up to the top edge.

Follow the directions on what number of scoops to include for the measure of water you are utilizing.

Mix the water and expressed milk in the container. If you see any lumps of powder after you are finished shaking, keep shaking the formula until they are mixed well.

Your child can drink formula and breastmilk at room temperature, chilled, or warm. If your child likes warm milk, at that point place the jug into a jug hotter or some high temp water for a couple of minutes to warm it up.


Always test the milk on your wrist first before offering it to your infant! The milk should feel somewhat warm, yet not hot. Mixing formula with breast milk can be used as first step towards starting the baby solid food.

can you mix formula and breastmilk

Points to remember while mixing formula with breastmilk

Following a few points can help you manage the feeding change process.

Before you come back to work, or when you need to eliminate breastfeeds, attempt to diminish the quantity of feeds step by step. Decreasing the feeds will stop your bosoms ending up awkwardly engorged and broken. It will likewise lessen your danger of creating mastitis. Mixing formula with breast milk is okay at this time.

It will take around three days to seven days for your bosoms to change by missing one feed. Have a go at dropping one feed seven days, maybe beginning with a daytime feed. When you swap a breastfeed for a jug of formula, your standard supply of milk around then of the day will lessen.

If you’ve dropped the daytime feeds when you return to work, regardless you’ll have a decent supply toward the beginning of the day and night. A breastfeed when you come back from work is a flawless route for you and your infant to be brought together after your time separated.

At around a half year, the measure of milk your child needs will step by step diminish as he begins solids. Your child may then just be taking breastfeeds at either day’s end. You could give him communicated breastmilk, recipe milk, or water in a measuring utensil during the daytime.

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